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Profi- Pyrography Station Brenn-Peter Royal

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289,00 EUR
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Weight: 3,5 kg per piece
Scope of delivery:              1 Burning Station
                                          1 burning pen, small (up to 800°C)
                                          1 burning pen, large (up to 1000°C)
                                          9 assorted burning loops
                                          1 small scratch brush
                                          1 spare fuse 2A mt
                                          1 instruction sheet
Technical specifications:   wattage: approx 30 and 80 W
                                          voltage: 115 - 230 V/ 0,5 - 1,4 V and 0,2 - 2,0 V 
                                          temperature: approx 350 - 800° C and approx 250 - 1000° C, (independently and infinitely adjustable)
                                          Made in Germany
Total weight (need for shipping costs): approx 3,5 kg
Note: This item is also available with plugs for the U.K. Please make your plug-selection with the dropdown- button above!
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